Welcome to the home of the Werewolves

The information contained in this Wiki pertain to The Werewolf Game in the Reindeer Section of the website MagiStream. Kiranth was the first host of The Werewolf Game, which has then since evolved into a game where many eagerly await the finale so they themselves may have a chance to join in on the fun. The Werewolf Guild was created not long after, by the beloved Mockingbird, so that players (former, current, and future) may chat without the fear of cluttering the game thread.

Let the feasting begin!

Due to the deletion of unattended threads to save server space, information on Seasons 10 and below are merely guesswork.

In a pinch...

The Werewolf Game is one of the more popular games that has been hanging around the forums of MagiStream. With eleven seasons to date, the game has evolved over time, gaining new positions and rules as it progressed (however slowly).

Every season begins in a new town, where some thirty people join together. Soon, however, it is discovered that werewolves lurk about! It is then up to the villagers to find and kill the offending werewolf(ves). Each night ends with a lynching, slowly narrowing down the suspects and, unless the Seer and Healer are successful in their attempts, the werewolves will reign supreme. With every round filled with trickery, insanity, lying, and gore, it's hard not to sit on the edge of your seat.

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